Support Your Farmers!

It’s been said that farming is like gambling. At Kornegay Family Farms, we say farming is a testament to our faith.

We can’t control …

We can’t control… a late spring freeze wiping out thousands of baby plants.

We can’t control… scorching summer heat, relentlessly leaving rows of soybeans begging for a drop of rain.

We can’t control… a wicked storm sending its hail to tear through precious sweet potato plant leaves.

We can’t control… if it rains for days, drowning our cotton plants.

What we can’t control is a testament to our farming faith.

We can control …

We can control…our attitude from when we wake until our heads hit the pillows again at night.

We can control…our contributions to our community and farming friends to show our appreciation for all they’ve given us.

We can control…our perseverance to improve our farming methods, so we farm sustainably and conserve precious natural resources.

We can control… keeping our promise to carry on the farming traditions and values set before us by Frank Kornegay.

What we can control is a testament to our farming faith.