What rising US sweet potato consumption means for manufacturers

July 20, 2016, FoodDive.com

Dive Brief:

  • Sweet potato consumption has doubled in the United States since 2002, from 3.7 pounds per consumer in 2002 to 7.5 pounds in 2015, according to USDA data.
  • Americans still eat far more white potatoes, but demand is slowing. Consumption of white potatoes fell from 125.4 pounds per person a decade ago to 113.7 pounds last year.
  • Value-added products, such as pre-cut cubes and fries, are driving sweet potato demand growth more than raw sweet potatoes. There was an 18% increase in volume sales for value-added products, compared to 3.2% for retail sales and 2.6% for produce overall, according to Nielsen data…To read the full article, click here.